Citi-Core Group

We are a Greater Toronto Based Construction Firm providing Construction and Real Estate Development services. Our core purpose is to provide our Clients and Partners with the utmost transparent and integrated approach to all areas of Construction and Real Estate Development.

We believe that integrity and trust are the foundation of a sound relationship and successful partnership.

With over 30 plus years of leadership experience, CITI-CORE will continue to set new benchmarks in the industry.

We take the relationships with our clients very seriously, and manage every project with utmost transparency and integrity.

Our Commitment

The highest level of service and consistently exceeding expectations at all levels advocate of the Construction and Development team from project inception to completion.

Our mission is to sort out a purposeful way to approach, accomplish and surpass all Construction and Real Estate Development expectations.

CITI-CORE will implement the proper administrative tools along with the appointment of a team of qualified staff.

In addition to offering our clients a highly experienced project team, senior management at CITI-CORE will be personally involved with the project, from its inception to completion.

A constant flow of transparent communication and a mandate to manage the project with a focus on cost control, scheduling, and quality to the clients and partners satisfaction is our commitment.